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Restoring Our Faith 
in the Electoral Process

Restoring Our Faith in
Being Fiscally Accountable

Restoring Our Faith in
Having Health Care Access 


The right to vote in a free and fair election is a right we all share. The integrity of our elections should never be questioned. 


Sue Rezin is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 1326, the Election Standardization Act, which improves consistency and transparency throughout the state. 

The legislation:

  • Requires election authorities to post the processes and procedures for handling mail-in ballots on their websites.

  • Requires affidavits from election judges when the delivery of precinct tallies is delayed.

  • Requires the Illinois Election Board to conduct random audits of election authorities.

  • ​Establishes training courses for election judges.

Runaway progressive policies have led to billions of debt. As a result, every Illinois taxpayer owes $52,000 to cover the state’s outstanding financial obligations, ranking as the second-worst state nationally. It’s not a recent problem but a systematic one going back decades. 


The system is broken. Illinois’ constitutional requirement for annual balanced budgets is often met with budget gimmicks. Only 3% of the bills passed by the Illinois General Assembly have a cost attached to them, making the financial burden being placed on taxpayers a complete unknown. 


Illinois must adopt policies that restore our faith in being fiscally accountable to taxpayers – starting with a statutory requirement providing estimates of a bill’s financial impact on state, local governments, and small businesses before any legislative floors votes.

Transparency creates trust. 

Having affordable and accessible health care is an essential component for families struggling to maintain the American dream. While some state lawmakers advocate for a government-run single-payer system similar to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren's proposals, we cannot allow Illinois bureaucrats to interject themselves into our health care decisions.

In Springfield, Sue Rezin led efforts to increase protects for individuals with pre-existing conditions to ensure access to affordable health care. Her legislation received bipartisan support.

Restoring Our Faith 
in Public Officials


The FBI should not have a regular presence inside the State Capitol. With five state legislators, including former Speaker Michael Madigan and political insiders being either arrested, indicted, or currently under investigation by federal authorities, it is no surprise a University of Illinois report named Illinois the second most corrupt state and Chicago the most corrupt city in the nation. 

It’s time to restore our faith in state government by enacting meaningful ethics reform and other good government measures.  

  • Constitutional Amendment requiring term limits

  • Empowering the Legislative Inspector General to investigate legislators

  • Fair Maps

  • Imposing term limits on legislative leadership positions 

  • Increasing state financial disclosures for candidates and public officials 

  • Streamlining the process to recall elected officials 

Restoring Our Faith in
Caring for Veterans


The state has a poor history of adequately caring for our veterans at state-run facilities. The Pritzker Administration’s fatal mismanagement at the LaSalle Veterans’ Home led to the deadliest outbreak at a state-run facility in Illinois history, leading to 36 deaths and over ninety percent of residents becoming infected with COVID-19. 

The Pritzker Administration ignored the growing outbreak for nearly two weeks before sending on-site infection control experts into the facility. It was discovered the state went against CDC guidelines and lacked basic infection control practices, including using ineffective clinical equipment to prevent the spread.

The residents and their families deserve answers. Faith in the state's ability to protect veterans' health must be restored, which is why legislation was introduced asking the Illinois Auditor General to investigate the Pritzker Administration's handling of the fatal outbreak so the same mistakes will not happen again. 

Transparency creates trust. 

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